Home-improvement Workshop

Sunday 25th April 2021, Half-day 2pm-5pm

VIP Price $197

Early Bird: $49

Bring in your existing home plans and receive professional advice on how to improve the home design.

We all live in a house or apartment, but most don't know how unhealthy the indoor environment can be. Polluted air or mould can cause asthma and other serious health problems.

In our buildings, we also use much more energy than we need to. We can help you identify current and future green improvements for your home.

Human-Centred Design Introduction Seminar

Saturday 24th April 2021, Half-day 2pm-5pm

VIP Price $197

Early Bird: $49

We believe that the house is a sanctuary to which we need to connect. In this way we can increase the quality of our life and our joy in the present moment and reconnect with ourselves in a space that shapes our daily reality. We will share practical and effective tools that can help us reconnect with our home and transform our spaces into ones that improve well-being and allow us to meditate, relax and ground ourselves as we generate and tune into the Earth's healing energy in our home daily.

  • Art Of Living Programs Introduction
  • Learn about Passive House For Better Health, ArchiLove by Design Formula, Time Out and Heart Zone.
  • Guided Heart Strengthening/Feel Your Heart Ritual
  • Identify Current & Future Green Improvements For Your Home


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Art Of Living

At the centre of all of our elaborate personal security measures and protection schemes, lies the most precious treasure of the human experience, the heart. The heart is the universal metaphor for our capacity to love and be loved. And it's the symbolic gateway to our emotional lives.

'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.' - Helen Keller

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