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A well-designed home serves as a stage on which a man’s life unfolds leaving the human condition healthy. Its design and construction must be environmentally friendly and energetically balanced while providing enough energy resources to support the recovering Earth. These conditions directly support the natural process of growth and well-being. As a home designer, situated in Perth, Australia I make this point as very important.

Imagine a sustainable home that provides the maximum comfort for you and your family by keeping stable internal temperatures and a continuous supply of fresh air! This building standard, called passive house design, originally developed in Germany, can reduce heating needs by an astounding 90%. This target is reached by making the house incredibly well-insulated, virtually air-tight, and by designing with contemporary use of building physics. As the architect of sustainable energy homes, I make special attention to this point.


  1. Thermal Comfort: 21-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
  2. Air Quality: Constant fresh air supply.
  3. No air leakages: Energy reduction of up to 90%.
  4. Nature’s design secret / Golden Ratio.
  5. Orientation- Heart-based Feng Shui.
  6. Home as a sanctuary with a dedicated space for a refuge for gratitude/meditation/yoga corner.
  7. Visual and non-visual connection to nature.
  8. Complexity and order.
  9. Zero net carbon emission.
  10. Natural materials and natural sensory stimulants.

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Passive House ArchiLOVE by Design

Passive House/ Positive Energy Design is the World's leading standard for Energy Efficient, Healthy, Comfortable, Economic and Affordable buildings.

This building standard, originally developed in Germany, can reduce heating needs by an astounding 90%. This target is reached by making the house incredibly well insulated, virtually air-tight, and by orienting and designing the house to maximize passive solar gain.

We provide Passive Design for Residential and Commercial buildings.

Heart-based Design

We can help your internal space not only to improve air quality and energy efficiency, but we propose a Gratitude/ Relaxation corner within your home as your sanctuary, allowing you a space to reconnect on a very personal level. By doing so not only we can increase the enjoyment in the present moment and improve the quality of our lives, but we get to reawaken our hearts and the beauty of this deeper knowing within us.

ArchiLOVE by Design Interiors

By connecting to the space we live in we are allowing ourselves a present momentary awareness which is crucial for healthy lifestyle. Good lighting, air quality and natural materials with the interior design composition that invite you to connect to your true self is what a home can provide when design properly. Interior Design is never about aesthetically pleasing appearances that only represent your desires, but a space for connection with your inner self.

Natural Air Quality

Efficient heat recovery ventilation is key, allowing for good indoor air quality whilst saving energy. A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a simple device that keeps heat in while moving stale air out. It works by extracting warm air from certain rooms like kitchens and bathrooms and supplying fresh air to habitable rooms. The fresh air is pre-warmed (or pre-cooled) via a heat exchanger.

Avoiding the Energy Highway

Thermal bridges are weaknesses in the building envelopes that allow more heat to pass through than might be expected, e.g. poorly insulated slab). All edges, corners, connections and penetrations must be planned and executed with great care so that thermal bridges can be avoided. Thermal bridges which cannot be avoided must be minimized as far as possible.

A House Without Leaks

Passive House standards require air leakage to be no more than 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 pascals of pressure. A typical Australian home would measure around 15-20 air changes per hour.

Positive Energy Interior

We deliver a holistic approach to the contemporary interior designs in which you would want to spend an extended amount of time in. We will encourage you to pay attention to the natural elements that surround you and acknowledge them. We believe that a home is a sanctuary that needs reconnection again. In doing so, we can increase the quality of our lives, our enjoyment in the present moment and reconnect with ourselves in a space which shapes our daily reality. The whole universe is made up of a balance, and science as well as eastern philosophy is integral in supporting that. We use historically and scientifically proven methods to design you a valuable space center in which to foster an abundance of wealth and happiness.



  1. Natural Materials
  2. Nature’s Design Secret/ Golden Ratio/ The Divine Proportion
  3. Heart-based Feng Shui
  4. Ultimate Balance with the Elements
  5. Prospect and Refuge with the Elements
  6. Contact with direct Nature, or some form of Nature
  7. Visual and Non-visual Connection with Nature
  8. The Gratitude Corner by Dynamic and Diffuse Light
  9. Guided Meditation with Spiritual Heart
  10. Energy Channelling- Reiki Tummo


Due to the fast pace of living all around the globe, people have lost a vital biological connection with the natural environment. Therefore, in a way I am free to say we have lost our connection with ourselves. I believe that this illusion is keeping us away from present momentary awareness, proven to be the healthiest state of mind one should have. I can help you to reconnect with the space you live in and quit all of the disturbing patterns and behaviors we find ourselves addicted to nowadays. The house we live in is a gift we have, and we should use it to retreat from the daily demands of our world. I use Open Heart Meditation in which we will introduce a center of peace, calmness and joy you can always access.




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Design Inspired by the Heart

As man creates an inseparable connection between architecture and the universe, we need to pay attention to the inner voices that shape our reality. As everything around and within us is constantly changing, we happen to play an important role in the process of the human development. A house, where we spend 90% of our time, should never just be a product available for sale, but a sanctuary with the potential of offering numerous universal truths to mankind's daily life. The whole universe is made of balance, and we can find examples to support this hypotheses in both science as well as eastern philosophy. A well-designed home serves as a stage on which the life of man unfolds leaving the human condition healthy. Its design and construction must be environmentally friendly and energetically balanced, while providing enough energy resources to support the Earth while it is. These optimal conditions directly support the natural process of growth and wellbeing.

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