Project Description

This was my final year project for my Masters Degree which I completed in 2008. I choose to create a complex to house all works and related material of the Yugoslav Film Archive from its current disparate locations around Belgrade to a single unified location. I was inspired by the idea that as we have one of the oldest, most significant and plentiful film archives in Europe it should be brought together under one roof for display, discovery and preservation. As recent years have seen a marked interest in film and generally in wanting to project the new cultural identity of our region in building and through exhibitions and museums I felt this project would also meet those aspirations.
The central reasoning behind the specific design and layout of the complex is to route cinema goers through the museum, multimedia hall, library, as past old paraphernalia of the film industry and film sets en-route to the cinema. These people are there for forced to meet their own cinematic history and film treasures.
Of note: In 2010 a complex similar in design to my own study project was actually made by refurbishing and extending an existing building in Uzun Mirkova street, Belgrade. This ‘Cinematography House’ with 4,800 square meters on five levels is a blend of past and modern. In addition to modern equipment and newly constructed elements many of the old interior parts are retained as testimony to the old times.
Here are a few 3d drawings of my proposed building created in ArchiCad 11. This final renderings were made by my colleague Marko Cirkovic who has been using 3DS Max to generate perspective views.

Project Details

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