Project Description

This project was to create a modern home that takes advantage of the incredible view but which can be built affordably. The plot is small, only 300m2, with restrictions on distance from the road and the perimiters. As such, the location and size of the footprint of the building was set, around which I had to work.

The design I developed uses conventional building practices and methods, is functional and adequate for a family, yet which creates an inspirational space to live in.

As you can see in the drawing below, the Open Living area is at ground level and the Dining and Kitchen are at a raised level (+ 0.60cm). This creates a connection between the pool area and the living area, which it is envisaged will be used together frequently. Additionaly, the raised level of the kitchen and the dining area creates an interesting internal space, whilst proving a better angle of view of the coastline.

Project Details

  • ProjectHouse above the sea
  • CategoryDesign