Project Description

“Belgrade of Light” is a unique cultural event in Serbia organised by renovated artist and lighting designer Aleksandra Stratimirovic, and dedicated to the culture of lighting. Through artistic light installations, exhibitions, workshops for preschool and elementary school children, for students and professionals, seminars and other activities, festival draws the attention to the importance of light and environmentally sustainable lighting approach, nourishing and developing the culture of lighting.

Regarded as a crash course for those interested in what constitutes good lighting ‘Searching for Heroes and Villains’ is a introduction to the activities of Lighting Detectives. As in the 2008 forum we held a workshop with about 50 students in attendance from Stockholm, Belgrade, and Tokyo.

The activity was very simple. Groups of students split into teams and went out into the city at night looking for examples of good lighting, heroes, and bad lighting, villains. The groups then got together and discussed what was found and stated reasons for classifying each example as either a hero or villain.

Project Details

  • ProjectDouble Storey Villa
  • Category3D / Design / Drafting / Interiors