Let me introduce myself

I hold a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Belgrade, Serbia and recently completed a Certified Passive House Designer’s course in Perth. Additionally, I’ve completed vast development and construction projects in Australia and overseas, all of which combined make me ideally placed to revamp your valued living space. I work as a Home Designer and make designs of  Sustainable Homes. I am situated in Perth, Australia.

I deeply value the full expression of the human’s spiritual potential. Throughout the last three years, I have put my nose to the grindstone and continued my professional, personal, and spiritual development from the best teachers in the subjects and, that has led me to see clearly how we are becoming more systematically disconnected from our homes. My passion is about changing that and helping you to improve the quality of your life by paying attention to the Positive Homes & Interiors Principles I can offer.

A genuine interest in sustainable building components, our relationship with our internal and external space, as well as our relationship with the Earth are the main attributes of the design solutions I propose. Something that is deeply integrated into the company’s design ethos.

Since the beginning of time, shelter was the main function of a house. Over time we have evolved, and due to new technological advancements we have turned into an indoor generation, much separated from the natural environment, without realizing how unhealthy, and yet expensive, our living conditions are. We propose a smart adjustment of this conundrum, by using technology to design our homes to best promote healthy living.

Passive house design principles allow us to calculate and predict every component we place in our home to serve us and turn our homes into a comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly and healthy, sustainable sanctuary. The only one we deserve.

In fact, European homes are required to be at zero-net energy consumption starting from 2021, with the Australian Government looking to implement this standard by 2050. We still have some way to go towards reaching that goal, wouldn’t you say?

The main purpose of a living space is to support our growth and happiness, and as we are a part of nature, we cannot live a fulfilled life without a constant fresh air supply as well as a deep connection to ourselves. Our work reflects this undivided correlation between man and the natural elements of the planet as a precious gift that we have.

We design homes with a low energy consumption and energy demand, and zero net carbon emissions to the environment. These are now known as high-performance building systems which provide maximum comfort and health, sound objectives that any house nowadays could possibly have.

Why Passive Hive?

We believe that we are inherently sovereign individuals who can achieve a lot more everlasting happiness through the medium of our living space.

Let’s face this brutal truth about life and its challenges, we all have areas in our life that we feel could be improved. Too often we wake up feeling that we are the only one struggling on this journey and there is always someone out there doing better than us and with whom we’d gladly trade places. When it boils down to it, we all have similar challenges and aspirations. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t aspire to have a greater success in life. However, this very thought keeps us away from ourselves as we get tangled in numerous demands our surrounding and and we put on ourselves. It is time for this shift to occur in a specially designed place within your home.

As everything both around, and within us, is in constant change, we play an important role in the process of the human development. I can see clearly now that the connection between architecture and the human condition is in direct relation with our perception of space, our appreciation of our home as a sacred space, and an awareness of the technological functions within our buildings that shapes our physical reality.

As busy bees in our daily life, we need to learn how to stop grounding ourselves and find out how to escape this illusion we live in, internally and externally. By using holistic architectural design principles and interior design solutions, which encompass proven methods used worldwide, we can create a healthy and sustainable home design as your own center of peace, calmness and joy. This can also be done by gaining knowledge and raising awareness about worldwide accepted building standards and remembering that we are meant to be happy in our home

As an architectural studio, Passive Hive’s responsibility is not only to create an aesthetically pleasing home, nor to only make sure that its functionality is reached to the very maximum. But to ensure that your house has the latest technological advancements when it comes to the building structure, constant distribution of fresh air, and use of natural and smart materials. Passive Hive design houses do not represent a product which will sit on the market and will be picked up with the random user of that space. In contrast, it is designed more as a personal sanctuary where you can retreat from you very demanding, daily activities.

As we work with you, we will ask you to pay attention to natural elements that surround you and acknowledge them. We believe that a home is a sanctuary that needs reconnection again. By doing so, we can increase the quality of our lives, our enjoyment in the present moment and reconnect with ourselves in a space which shapes our daily reality. We use historically and scientifically proven methods to design you a valuable space center in abundance of wealth and happiness.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you for your interest.

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