Passive Hive is Passive House advocacy group, which apart from typical architectural design and documentation services, offers consultancy and education about the key principles of the Passive House concept. We are an indoor generation and we need a sustainable, healthy and comfortable living environment to avoid common illnesses, and we know how this can be achieved in a built environment.

We all live in a house or apartment, but most are not aware of how unhealthy the indoor environment can be. Polluted air or mold and mildew can lead to asthma and other serious health problems.

Within our buildings, we also use a lot more energy than necessary to keep them warm or cool because of poor building standards.

In Australia, buildings account for more than 23% of carbon emissions. Due to the lack of awareness of the problem standardized building methods are not sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy. While building codes are slowly changing towards this direction, the possible solutions for both, professionals and community can bring awareness of the world-wide adopted standards locally.

We are not aware of the problem within the structure, and Solar Passive design is not enough to address the matter. Our assistance will improve overall energy efficiency reduction and common condensation risk problems. We rely on recent NCC changes and apart for promoting public awareness, we aim to help government policy-making and speed up the process towards our sustainable future.

Passive Hive consists of two Passive House designers with a passion for promoting sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient building standards.

We have studied architecture in Europe and strongly believe that the Passive House standard is the way forward for the building industry in the future.

We are looking for funds so we can establish a central office within Perth CBD, from where we can provide free Passive House Design consultations for general public and professionals 2-3 times a

Apart from that, Maya’s Hive will be independently promoting Passive House Design Principles and actively working on marketing strategies to bring awareness of the solution to the problem. If you can help this important office establishment, we will be pleased to meet with you.


MArch | Golden Ratio & Passive Home Designer |


Marta holds a master’s degree in Architecture, Business Management, Passive House Design, Feng Shui and Green Interior Design and Decoration training. In the past ten years, he has completed vast development and construction projects in Australia and overseas while coordinating projects from the initial phase to its realization. Throughout the last four years, she continued her professional, personal and spiritual development where she recognized that we are systematically disconnected from our homes. She is passionate about changing that by relying on the scientifically proven methods that can influence the change in our perception. During the design process, she combines different techniques in order to make the living space functional including the Golden Ratio which makes the perfect balance in life’s every single aspect. She creates energetically balanced designs which are sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy.




Certified Passive House Designer | MArch  |


Julia studied architecture in Germany and graduated from Darmstadt University in 2005. She then moved to Australia where she worked for a number of architectural practices in Melbourne, Darwin & Fremantle and was able to expand her knowledge and skills. As Project Architect for small and medium scale projects she further developed her expertise in residential, commercial and sporting projects.

Julia has always been very passionate about sustainability and energy-efficient building design and became a Certified Passive House Designer in 2018.

She is determined to make a change in the building industry towards more environmentally friendly buildings and to create healthy and comfortable living spaces.




Architect | PMP | GSAP | Passive House Designer |


Timo is an accomplished architect with 9 years Perth based, and 5 years Germany based expertise in the roles of Design and Project Architect as well as Contract Manager for small to mid‐scale construction projects. He has formed his expertise in the end‐to‐end delivery of building design projects ranging from new developments to alterations and refurbishments in the commercial, educational and residential sector. Becoming a certified Project Management Professional expanded his knowledge base into the successful planning of project parameters. Significant construction and site supervision experience with attention to detail, paired with Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) and Passive House training sensitized his design skills towards enduring environmental friendly solutions.